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Default Crosshair "possible" problem

Hey boyz and galz, well, I finaly built my own CPU, I got the crosshair goin' on, the 4GB RAMS here and there....

My 8800GTX is finaly coming by Purolator tomorrow (after losing it, and putting it in the wrong truck). I built everything using the peices I have now all I need is that GTX. I booted up the computer to find out if it's a success or not. Well, IT WORKED! All the LEDs and all the fans were going. I check the back LED of the motherboard, and it says "CMOS err"

Now, what doest that mean? Is it cause I don't have a GPU plugged in yet? I've tried reading other posts on the web about the subject, and no one seems to have an answer except "Reset the CMOS, and/or pull the pins" even when these people did it still didn't work, so I'm not going to go and do it.

WOndering what you guys thought about it.
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