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Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
My NAS is composed of dual Dlink DNS-323s, with dual 1Tb WD Greens in Raid 1. Works like a charm over the network (wired, wireless-n), especially since my router (DIR-655) is gigabit-compatible, same as the 323s.
Are you running the latest beta firmware for it (1.08). I like the changes they've done with it. I also am running a DNS-323, with a 1.5 TB HDD and 320 GB HDD not in raid at all. Using the DGS-1008D in front of my router to get gigabit speeds to the computers. Also running twonky on it to stream video/music straight from it to 360. Only problem i ever ran into was upgrading firmware from 1.05 to 1.06, it auto-formatted my 320 GB HDD and had to get my stuff again the long way >.<
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