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Hi !

I've just installed the HR-03 GTX on my Point of View GTX 280. I was so boring of the original fan @100% every time I played, which result was an amazing sound.

I've installed the same noctua's fan (NF-P12). I would like to know which rpm you have chosen ? Did you keep the 12V adaptator for 1300rpm ?
Another question : is it possible to connect the fan to the graphic card, as was the original fan of the graphic card ? In order to take benefits from the regulated speed of the fan, controled by the graphic card.

PS : At my first installation, I just set the fan in the wrong direction (must have been hypnotised by the Noctua's logo :D). Idle T was 40c (very good, before I had 55-60c), but when I launched a GPU stress test with OCCT, my graphic card just crashed after 1 minute. I've just seen the last remoted T : 80c and it was increasing very quicky.
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