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Default Mini-ITX NAS within a PC (TJ-07)

Okay so I've been saving and planning to get a TJ-07 and put my PC into but I also wanted to build a NAS and I got to thinking why not build an ITX NAS inside the bottom chamber and save some space. The issue I've been pondering is the video. I wanted to use a touchscreen LCD in the front 5.25 inch bays but I can't find anything that will fit there. This way I won't need a keyboard or mouse hooked up to the ITX board and I can hide it all inside the case. I've looked at the thermaltake 7 inch one but that doesn't fit in a regular 5.25 inch bay. Does anyone know of a panel I could use for this. I was thinking I could just use Vista for it as it already has the built in touchscreen software. Any ideas would be more than welcome.
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