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Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
I personally think its a new money grab, as per most cell phones are with the new little extra features they keep adding. Really, how many people honestly need all the extra crap they cram into cell phones. What ever happened to when just being able to call someone up and the phone wasn't the size of your head was good enough?
I used my phone for a hell of a lot of stuff. First off I use the phone part the least cause I don't have much time to stand around and talk at work so when working I am almost 100% of the time listening to music or podcasts. When we have break or lunch I do many things. I either surf the web (usually read the news and sometimes check the forum), watch movies/tv shows/video podcasts, youtube, and lastly play games. On the way to work and back (we car pool) I have at the minimum 1 hour to and 1 hour back from work and if we work far away it can be 2-3 hours ther and 2-3 hours back. So I like to have some entertainment. I work in construction. Then it is nice to call and text and email all in this device.

So as you can see I use this phone like a laptop except it can fir in my pocket. I also love the many apps that are on the phone. I have at least 100 apps on my phone and it is growing. Now the new iPhone 3GS has more storage and a video camera I don't need to carry more then one device. I will certainly use this phone to the fullest.

It also isn't a money grab because I get it for free because I can sell my old iPhone 3G 3.0 to contries that still don't have to iPhone like China. So what isn't to love?

I will never need a net book. I already have one that can do oh so much more. Just need MS word.

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