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My System Specs

Default Dram voltage 1.79 dangerous?

I have 3 sticks of OCZ3G1600LVGK. If I set dram voltage to auto, and dram timing to auto, I get

DDR 1520 MHz (cpu 190x20=3.8GHz, 8x dram multi)
FSB: 190 QPI 6.8 GT/s
CAS 10-10-10-24
Memory bandwidth 16889 MB/s

Dram voltage is 1.58v

I wanted to run it at rated spec which is 1600MHz and timing, and I got
DDR 1600 MHz (200x19, 8x dram multi)
FSB:200 QPI 7.1 GT/s
CAS 8-9-9-19 (as shown in CPUZ in spd)

I got DDR voltage at 1.79V
and memory bandwidth 16889 MB/s

Is 1.79v too high?
Why is bandwidth the same?

BTW, I am running i7 with vcore 1.25v and vtt at 1.22v
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