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Originally Posted by Asspigeon View Post
Noob question inc: Do I want to set my system memory multiplier high or low for best performance? I booted successfully at 2.5 and I'm not sure where to go from here. My memory is of the DDR2800 variety and runs on timings of 5-5-5-15.?
well, ideally you'll hit 9x 400 for 3.6ghz. with this speed, it's best to have ram run @ 1:1, as it'll take a bigger pounding from 3.6ghz than 2.4ghz, nevermind that ratios that are not 1:1 add a bit of latency as each cycle then has to be converted to match ramspeed from FSB speed(ie 4:5=20 cycles before sync, so only one of 20 cycles is as fast as it could be)

Originally Posted by Asspigeon View Post
My second question is what are the pros/cons of lowering the CPU clock ratio? I currently have mine set to the stock 9 but I know lowering it has an effect on the memory (more bandwidth?). Do I want it as high as possible or as low as possible and why?
There are NO cons, and many pros. multiplier is the number of pusles within each FSB clock in 400mhz, there are 9 pulses for each tick, totalling the equivalent of 3.6ghz. Of course, as you can image, as the frequncy of the ticks goes up, the harder it can be for the chipset to read them, so lessening the number of pulses in each tick actually makes the workload a bit easier for the chipset. going back to multipliers, it works kinda the same way...the lesser the multiplier, the more often a clock in sync happens, and the greater the bandwidth because of this.


and so on...
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