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I have a a ds3r with a q6600 G0 running at 365x9 with mushkin 6400 memory at 4:5 ratio (= 912) with 4-5-4-11 stock timings @ 2.2V.

- vc = 1.35 (vdoop results in speedfan/cpuz showing 1.24V under load)
- vMch = +.3
- vfsb = +.2

- C1E and EIST are disabled.
- VT is enabled since i am running vmware on it with 2 linux vms each folding 724 for more than a month now.

My initial oc was running at 370x9 with the same settings but during some hot days it would reboot probably due to high nb temps, so i lowered fsb to 365 and it has been stable ever since.

Once you find your max stable oc for the cpu with memory at 1:1, then you try to raise your memory speed. For foldingm, maximizing memory bandwidth is my objective, so higher memory speed is more important than tight timings. If you like to get high benchmark scores, tighter timings might be beneficial.

Finding a sweet spot when vc is at a miniumum, temps are lowest, and performance of your favoured application(s) is the best involves experimentation, testing and measurment to find the best mix for you. Lowering the multi means you need a higher fsb and this will affect both cpu oc setting and memory.

For me, it is easy (but time consuming) to measure the performance of my favoured application (folding) since I can repeat the exact same workload repeatedly with different settings and measure its performance (time per frame) as well as power consumption and temperatures. If you are only gaming, then use one of the game based benchmark tools that most closely resembles your game.

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