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Antec 300 isnt a bad case cooling wise but its getting dated, has pretty well no features and is kind of small, the CM 690 is like $20 more but is packed with features and throw in another fan or 2 and it cools like a champ.

The 640gb black HDD is pretty much the fastest 7200RPM hard drive on the market which is why you will notice it gets recommended ALOT, its a great hard drive for the price. As for the PSUs, I love my TX750, awesome power supply, tons of cable lenght, runs cool and quiet. Problem is with the 300 your going to have a metric TON of cables to deal with and no where to put them.

Hands down build your own rig, its really not that hard, only takes about an afternoon of work to get the parts in a maybe a day to get the os and everything set up, but atleast then you get full hardware warrantys plus you know whats in your PC and can easily pull out parts and replace parts on your own if you have any issues. You never know there may be a few HWCs near you (perineum ;) that might come out and give you a hand and maybe even take a few beers (ifin both parties are old enough) off your hands for you in the process =D
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