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Default Trying to pick out a new case, please help me.

So ive decided to get a new case and mod it out a little bit since im gonna be going to a few major lans in the next few months.

Im leaning towards the Antec 902

I actually dont like the style of the window on the 902, and I would want to have a full window installed. The main thing im hung up on is doing the window mod myself. I tried to do one on an old case to see if i could do it, and i pretty much butchered the panel (made the hole, but it looks like crap). I had the right type of blade on my jigsaw, but the blade kept bending and the lines were NOT straight. Now im nervous about trying to do the mod myself on another case. I was considering having someone else do the window cut for me, but thats more money I would have to spend.

What do you think I should do here? Should I pick up the 902 and spend even more money for someone to do the window mod, or pick up a different case like the NZXT beta to save a little money?
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