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Originally Posted by Se7en View Post
Theres a start! Canada post, I had figured it was with them since the shipping was free. I didn't want to just call them up and say wheres my package without even knowing if it was shipped by them. I knew this forum section was here all along, I just wanted to deal with the issue privately until now. It seems I'm getting some good help here and thank you FixT. Also does Canada post use a tracking system? this package might be really hard to find!
Yes they do have a tracking system, but I think most would agree in saying, if you took a blind man, a map and a few pin.... that is about the Canada Post equivalent of tracking.

Due to these "strange and interesting" Canadian privacy laws, that only seem to affect Canada Post, once they have the package you cannot do anything. You cannot reroute it, you cannot change address, you cannot stop delivery, or request that they hold delivery -you cannot find out anything except where it was scanned in.

Basically, given the dollar value , it would be useless to try and track it down. I am sure we will be able to find a suitable solution
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