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Originally Posted by rob123 View Post
right now i have 3 computer and a printer hooked into a dlink 604 router then to the cable modem.

we will be adding at least one moe computer and probably an xbox 360 to this. obviously my problem is that the dl 604 only has 4 ports.

i have 2 dl 6o4 but have no clue as hoe i may use both.

i read on the web that a switch is better than a hub. so, do i get a switch which i can then hook into the router then to the modem?.

there are many switches on ebay for good prices. some new , some old , but generally i have had good experience on ebay.

its just that an 8 port router are usually retared prices.

thx for any help or suggestions

You should be able to configure your second router like a switch ... disable any uplink logon it may have setup and disable its dhcp function. You lose 1 port on each router connecting them together but you will still have 6 ports.

Just make sure there is no configuration setup to block connections but i doubt there is by default.

I have on old $5 smc 4 port router i use as a switch in the room i have my lan printer in so i can connect up another rig there occassionally without more cabling. I do the same in my son's room so he can have lan parties off his own switch.
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