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Originally Posted by Asspigeon View Post
I have having some problems with my voltages and multiplier. CPUZ seems to be waffling between a 6x multiplier and a 9x multiplier (set to 9x in bios). Also my CPU voltage seems to be different depending on where I check, CPUZ and EasyTune5 are showing different voltages.

I originally set the FSB to 320 but received a bsod when I started Prime95. This is confusing because my CPU & System temps were both 46c when it happened, which I thought was a decent temp.

You need to go into the advanced setting and turn of C1E and EIST when overclocking.

Those options are for saving power and reducing heat when the rig is idle ... they drop the volts and reduce the multi as you are observing.

Not sure if you can OC much with them on since i don't think you can set vc with them enabled.

I always turn them off since every rig i have runs 100% folding 724 so then serve no useful purpose for me, and severely limit your oc.

These setting are the same on my ds3r, ds3l and ds2r and 965-ds3's. I expect they are the same on all current giga mobos that oc since it is a feature of the intel cpu's they all support. C1E and EIST have been around since pentium D's and I think most of the prescotts too.

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