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Hey se7en,
While I am not answering in an official capacity - the store operator should be able to take a look soon - hopefully I can answer a few of your questions

Sincere apologies for all the hassle you have been through. Your frustration is completely understandable - thanks for being as patient as you have been

Please keep in mind, the free IC7 were merely test tubes, provided by Innovation Cooling directly for a limited number of our frequent forum users, for a limited time, and ONLY if you agreed to submit your results for their usage.

Not to throw excuses around, but sometimes emails do just get misdirected or thrown into the spam/trash depending on the email you were sending from. I know that the hardwarecanucks email is based off a an email system that throws "junk" email into a folder without notification, so you never see if you have junk email (no number beside it like most programs). It is most likely that this is what happened and the messages were overlooked.

It is unfortunate that you were not able to find this forum section sooner and your issue has sparked an idea, that given as email contact is the only method, we will look into adding a link on the contact us page to this forum section in case an contact issue happens in the future.

Please understand there is no benefit to us to ignore you and to not ship your item. The product would have shipped via Canada Post, and even via regular mail - would have made it to the Arctic by now - so we can safely assume it has been lost.

Someone will contact you to get your order details and we will have the situation resolved asap to get you the product.

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