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Default Did not receive my IC-7 diamond thermal compound

I ordered a tube of Innovation Cooling IC7 Thermal Compound from the hardware canucks store April 29th, 2009. I have yet to receive said tube of thermal compound and am EXTREMELY mad. It was only $13 or so, but I feel I was completely cheated and intentionally ripped off for these reasons. 1) many forum useres got it for free with NO hassle or troubles. 2) I've sent two trouble tickets practically begging for some sort of order tracking or any information at all as none has been supplied to me. 3) kind of the same as 2 but I'm being completely ignored by the staff and they wont respond to the only means of direct contact ( the little form you fill out and send in the "contact us" link). 4) I built my friend a computer last summer and he just decided to OC so he got an OCZ vendetta 2 and I'm waiting on the compound as I promised to use it on his air cooler. If I put cheaper compund on it I'll have to rip it apart again ( hes got a backplate to go on it so entire mobo comes out) and apply IC-7, if I ever recieve it!

I have noticed this section of the forums, being the proper place to post this thread, is not busy by any means. If a moderator would like to move the thread thats fine, as I would like someone to help me.

P.S. this could be the shipping companies fault, HOWEVER harware canucks wont even give me the name of the courier so until then I blame harware canucks.:rtfm:
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