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My System Specs


I know on paper you get some gains, was just wondering if anyone has done real world tests....
Im thinking of a PC based FOLDING machine that runs 24/7 @ 100% duty, you have to be saving some $$$ @ 220v

ok so I want to buy a power BIG power supply that will be running full out 24/7 its silly not to run it @ 220v
I think it would be a interesting fact to post its cost savings at that voltage and if the manufacturer is saying its %80 eff is it 80% at 110v or 220v?
I have a feeling that if it does both they will use the 220v numbers to make it look better.

I just figured someone must have done this but maybe im wrong, everyone is tweaking the hell out of their machines trying to get more speed for less, trying to cool them...
220v means more eff so less $$$ and less heat..

hahaha maybe there just needs to be a PSUID program before tweaking your PS or getting a high end one will become important ;)
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