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My System Specs


Originally Posted by stoanee View Post
In my limited knowledge of power I believe that the power draw will be the same 110 vs 220v. There will not be any savings made on the basis of voltage alone, any efficiencies will have to be from the physical construction of the psu. 220v is capable of delivering more amperage, as is 480v, with all related systems built increasingly more robust to handle the higher amperage.

With wattage being volts x amps it means that the "draw" from the wall in amps will be half at 220 vs 110.

Easier to design something to handle 10 amps of current than 20 and a lot less heat should be involved, I think.

It sounds like you're equating voltage as being tied to amperage but the two values are completely seperate.

So anyway, if you have a system that eats 1100 Watts of power from the wall at 110 volts that'll be 10 amps of current. Likewise, 1100 watts of power from the wall at 220 would be 5 amps of current.

Sorry if I misunderstood what you said. I don't have an overly fantastic understanding about how it all works but I *think* I know the basics....
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