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i have some reasons for not wanting to just do a straight rma...

this "--" boot code has been causing a lot of problems for ppl with this board as i have recently read in the evga forums. i just dont want to rma it and have the same problem again.

the x38 board is priced at $286 at DC which is only about $60 more than the evga, so for less headaches i will happily pay the extra $60.

i have 2x1gb of ocz reaper pc8500 ram. i checked with the mods at the ocz forums to make sure that my ram worked with the evga board and they assured me that it did.

i do have two extra sticks of ram in another machine here, theyre 2x1gb of ocz pc5400 i think running at 667 MHz. would you recommend i try booting with those? i just dont want to fry that ram cuz its needed in that machine.
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