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ok installed new mb boot up no problem. the only problem that im having now is that i dont think the button is working on the cosmos s everything is hooked up i have to turn it on with the mb power button. ill show a pic that i have stored of the new board. figured since i had to buy a new one might as well and buy the ftw version of the 780i so i get vdroop control. if anyone can help i know this thread is about my waterloop but i wanted to know if you guys know where i can pick up a mosfet heatsink as the one i got was for the 780i not 780i ftw theres different spacing. and i dont feel like adding another waterblock to my loop and dont feel like taking everything out again. right no im using some zalman heatsinks but they seem really hot and are really not designed for all that heat, any help would be greatly appreciated. would mos-c1 from ENZOTECH work better?
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