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It's extremely important from a marketing standpoint , that folding is not associated with anything 'malwarish'.....

And I gotta say :

It bugs the piss outta me that a lot of the top teams etc , aren't all over this.

This isn't a troll you can can ignore.This sh!t has gotta stop.....

Ignoring this makes you complicit , and that makes this kinda thing ok....If that's the case , we'll have a race to see who can snake an installer into microsoft first.

Makes me wanna vomit.


On this note :

Quote "
7im wrote:Patience is a virtue. And -51,838,018 points speaks volumes.

'Apparently it doesnt speak enough... It never really phased them. The continued on the next day just as nothing has happened. Time to get real Pande Group!'
by 'blaze'

by 7im Wed Jun 17, 2009 5:27 pm

Keep watching... ""

Quote from folding forums.


I wait with a smile.

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