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Default HA! NVidia dx10 cards for agp?

It must be true, the Enquirer said so.....

"Nvidia plans DirectX 10 cards for AGP slot

G84 goes Geforce 8600xx AGP

By Fuad Abazovic: Thursday 22 February 2007, 12:14
NVIDIA'S GEFORCE 7600 GS, its AGP card, will get a new follower, cleverly codenamed G84 AGP.
This card will be a Direct X 10 chip aimed at AGP upgrade market, as you have not been able to buy new AGP systems for a while now.
It is an interesting choice as but shows the value of this legacy market. The card is scheduled for April and this means that AGP upgrade market will get a DirectX 10 after all.
Early Vista adopters have to be thrilled about it as it will give them a chance to keep their bellowed Nforce 2 motherboards and Athlon XP CPUs or simply good old Netburst Pentium 4 marchitecture.
The G84 is set to replace Geforce 7600 GS cards and these cards sell for around €100, which is not bad deal for an AGP card.
The AGP version is possible due to the fact that G84 chips are pin-to-pin compatible with Geforce 6600 and 7600, so there were no modifications required in order that AGP market gets its DirectX 10 card.
We wrote some details about this chip here. "
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