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To my knowledge tuning into digital cable is not going to work. From what I understand, all digital signals are compressed/encoded in such a way that only their digital box can unscramble it. That being said, if there is a coaxial output on the digital box then I guess it would somewhat work but you would not be able to change channels unless you did it manually on the digital box. The real power of MS MCE2005 is the ability for it to tune in and record programs by itself. By going through the digital box it just allows you to display tv on your monitor. Maybe that's all you want but like I said the real power of MCE2005 / Vista is when it can control everything by itself.

If you got a dual or single tuner card and plugged it directly into the wall bypassing the digital box then you're going to be fine. You said you are only going to watch standard def channels anyway, so don't even go through the digital box..... then it can change channels and tune in and record things like it should be able to.

My media center runs MS MCE2005 and it's worked more or less flawlessly. I use a Hauppauge dual tuner PVR-500.

I have NEVER been able to set up the Media Center in Vista. It has never worked for me. Massive amounts of googling resulted in many many complaints about Vista's MC. I have not tried Windows7 yet. I think MS screwed the pooch when it came to Vista's MC and I hope they've fixed it in Win7. Hardware that "just worked" so well in MS MCE2005 just won't work in Vista, period.

However, maybe there is a tuner card out there that the people doing Vista's MC used when doing testing. I find it ridiculous that it wasn't one of Hauppauge's offerings, but whatever.
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