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Default Mystery solved, but theory not proven to work.

Thanks Barbarosa, You don't give up !

The link I found on the Wikipedia page you quote about Pentium M is pointing on is listing A FEW 1.6 to 2.10 MHz that has the 479 pin package instead of 478. But it is NOT talking of P4 M.

As you understood, the Pentium 4 M processor I ordered by mistake is a P4 M SL725 2.8 MHz which is not listed on the links you mentionned, because it is a Northwood. I only found ONE Northwood with the Pentium 4M listing at Intel that has 479 pins. All others are 478 pins. The following link is more relevant to my problem:
The entry that matches my processor is listed under Nortwood 130 nm Intel OEM Part number RK80532GE072512.Mobile Pentium 4 2.82800 MHz, 512 K, 1.2/1.55 V /Socket 478. The intel part number matches the SL725 page on their website that only mentions 1.3 volts as core voltage. I can't wait to read the voltage info on the processor itself ! Finding a mistake on Intel website about such critical information would be quite disturbing !

So, if core voltage is indeed 1.2-1.55 volts, not just 1.3 volts, I think it DOES fit into my socket 478 desktop motherboard without adaptor and it DOES work without frying anything. The whole idea is to find a way to control the core voltage by forcing it to run at 2.8 GHz, not slower, in the BIOS. So I think the first links you pointed out are suggesting this is the only problem that I must experiment to prove it can be done. I suspect that some motherboard will not provide more than 1.5 volts and the 2.8 GHz processor will run at something like 2.6.

In short, I think there are some RARE cases of Nortwood and Nortwood HT Pentium 4 M that fit into a 478 socket and can safely work at 1.5 volts. The SL725 is one of them. The whole question is to find a motherboard and BIOS that will allow it to run at full speed (and HT or bus speed compatible).

By the way, I'm not "Rags" I'm a former computer consultant and hardware specialist with 13 years of experience. My first PC was an XT with twin floppies, PC DOS and Wordperfect 2.1... in 1985. It remains a hobby for me.

Otherwise, I would not bother to assemble parts from Ebay to make my home computers. For the price of ONE new computer, I upgraded two of my computers to P4 2.66 and still had enough spare parts to assemble a PIII 1GHz, all with 1GB of RAM and plenty of HD space.

I appreciate you take time to READ and really look for answers. This is RARE. You should just see the full page of silly information I received from ASUS. The guy did not even try to answer the question. I was submerged into useless basic info.

Im not 100% sure I will perform this experiment or simply return the P4M processor, loosing delivery and return shipping cost. At least I now have reasonnable grounds to beleive it is worth trying it without frying it !

Thanks again for your kind advises. It is appreciated


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