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I dunno what the big deal is. I personally fold because I HOPE that whatever results these guys get to lead to advances in medicine, and cures for various diseases. Maybe even cancer. But who knows? At this point, I forgot who said it but I agree that not a whole lot of advancements have been made.

But then I just think that we haven't folded the exact right protein yet, or that proteins aren't being folded fast enough b/c of people with P.O.S. Pentium 2 or 3 computers, trying to fold.

Personally, I think that the more people we get folding (willingly or not) the better outcome it will have for mankind. The sooner we can fold all these proteins is the sooner we will have all the raw data, and finally, the sooner we can start developing better medicines based on this data. Get this thing over with already! I wanna see some innovation, and I want to see some NOW. Let these F-T-L guys fold, even if it's not willingly or w/e. Ethics? Bah, it's an online points tabulator just used for the sake of competition, not a friggin' court of law! There is no shame to folding if you fold, no matter how you fold. It's all toward a good cause, even if you're just in it to get bragging rights for points.
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