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Originally Posted by 5ILVgeARX View Post
Instead of post counts why not use HWC's Contribution Level, like you need level 10 or so to sell in BST

As most of you guys can see, theres a MASSIVE AMOUNTS of spams in the BST section, craps like ohh you need a picture with your name on it and such craps, even tho the seller clearly stated that picture will be up within the hour. I think only MODS have the rights to tell that to sellers instead of seeing "oh you need a picture with your name on it x3 on a single thread."

We serious need more stricter rules at HWC, specially the BST section, its becoming a mess :rtfm:

Yes. This.

There's no way you can avoid getting scammed though. As most of us can remember, a long time member with 500+ post count scammed a quite a bit of people, not just on this forum too.

I think the best way to keep from being scammed is just use your instincts. For example, for me, if someone has horrible spelling, bad grammar, etc etc, some flags automatically go up for me. Now, this doesn't always apply, but then I usually avoid those people.
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