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Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
I would put some thought into it and see if you can't run a wire to your computer cleanly. In my experience Wireless Routers don't work good enough to my standards. Running a wire will work perfectly each and every time, and will always be faster than wireless.

But anyway, if you want wireless the "N" products are supposed to offer the most range and speed so I would pick one of them.... which brand I'm not too sure as I gave up on wireless with Wireless G and 9db gain antennas, (etc etc etc) and I'd still get frequent drop outs.
Well Draft N (is it still draft?) Wireless routers will give you the most coverage and strongest signals, though i've found G Range Boost Wireless routers/network cards have worked quite well also. It really depends on how far you want to cover, if you'll be going through just wood/dry wall or if you're going through concrete. Though i do agree with Perineum, at my parent's place, we ran a cable down from the den (which is on the 2nd floor) down to the basement through the laundry room (barely noticable since its in the corner) and ran it to at the time my x-box. I'm now home for the summer and have a couple of devices that need internet access, so i hooked up my switch to the cable and allowed me to have multiple connections off that red cable.

To recap: Wireless g+ RangeBoost if you are not going excessively far (can typically cover a house if its on the main/2nd floor down to the basement) and don't have concrete or dense materials in your walls/floors and are only using 1-4 devices on the wireless network.
Wireless Draft N will give you more range and signal strength as well will support more devices as well (without bottlenecking the bandwidth). Personally i think the dual band Draft N wireless routers are just over priced and useless right now.

Hopefully this was helpful and other people agree with me, if not, its always great to hear from multiple people from different angles.

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