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Honestly your best bet to get more air into your case is just to get a dremel and cut out the fan grill so that theres nothing blocking the air from coming/going, this will also help alot with noise.

EDIT: all air coolers benefit from high static presure as your trying to get the most amount of air through small spaces quickly, the faster the cool air flows across the fins the more cooling potential the heatsink has. However you will not really see a huge amount of difference (maybe 2c) on a single fan heatsink and maybe (4-5c) on a dual fan. Where high static presure really shows its glory is in multi fan setups aka water cooling rads. Tripple rads have 3-6 fans flowing air across a much greater surface area then a normal air cooler so you see alot more difference from fan speeds and presures.

Case in point, I have a xigmatek HDT-1283, pretty similar to the OCZ vendetta 2 in cooling performance. the stock fan was like 38CFM and pretty decently high static presure, I just installed an aerocool 89CFM fan and it dropped my CPU temps by about 2c, running a hollow fan inbetween it and the heatsink dropped my temps by between 4 and 5c (from the original xigmatek fan).
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