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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Zmanno999 View Post
So I recently built a new rig, and found Hardware Canucks in the process. But anyways I moved my old computer to my basement and connected it to the network with a D-Link USB adapter and it's incredibly slow. So I'm thinking I should get a new wireless router. Right now I have a D-Link DI-524. My budget is $200 and under. I really don't know anything about routers so does anyone have any suggestions?

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I would put some thought into it and see if you can't run a wire to your computer cleanly. In my experience Wireless Routers don't work good enough to my standards. Running a wire will work perfectly each and every time, and will always be faster than wireless.

But anyway, if you want wireless the "N" products are supposed to offer the most range and speed so I would pick one of them.... which brand I'm not too sure as I gave up on wireless with Wireless G and 9db gain antennas, (etc etc etc) and I'd still get frequent drop outs.
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