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I was talking to nd4spdbh2 of OCF and he had given me an idea of how much light was bleeding out on to the back of the unit which was shown in my image. We talked about how to address it and then came up the idea of aluminum foil behind each led.

Now ill be honest, working with small bits of aluminum and then gluing it on a slippery surface in the smallest work space available with 2 needles as tool is worth a lot of headaches but in the end, it worked out fine in the end.

This resulted what I wanted, stronger front led lighting but what I didn't expect was the fact that it was too much, it was too damn bright just like Sunbeam Controllers! Ouch!

After consulting with nd4spdbh2 again and seeing forums posts, I noticed people complained about how the lighting wasn't all around in a circle. The idea of diffusing the light came apparent.

The installation is probably the most easiest mod I have done to this unit. All you need is some type of paper that still let light through, some glue, and a razor. In this case I used parchment silicone paper that is used in baking.

Unscrew the face plate and slap the paper on with some glue

Then use a razor and cut holes where appropriate for the knobs and screws.

Then put everything back together and huzzah! Finished!

Night time shot
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