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My System Specs

Default The Beast is Toast

Hi Folks,
After installing a Swiftec MCW30 North Bridge Cooler and a Koolance VR-AS40 Vreg Cooler to my P5W DH-Deluxe, I had started board with xtx1900 and 1900 cf in place without rear molex(s) in place, shut down and properly connected molex(s) and now no POST.
Board led lights up, PSU operation verified by Digital VOM, QX6700 Status unknown.
I stripped machine down to a stick of ram, cooling pump, old pci vid card and a hard drive. Pulled battery and reset CMOS for 6 hours, still no joy.

I dont have a 775 board kicking around for processor verification,
Standing by for upgraded replacement board delivery with fingers crossed.

Any suggestions?:help: Other then buy AMD ?
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