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Originally Posted by Dazmode View Post
Pump connection order seems mismatched? Inlet is in the middle.
Thought I covered that with "Also the pump works the other way around too... but you get the idea. " I did the pic in a hurry.

But why to the CPU after the rad? Don't tell me...Let me guess....Ummmm because you think the water coming out of the rad is colder? I cannot tell you how many times I hear this one. It can be in extreme cases by .5c such as in my build. That is the difference in water temp from after all my blocks to the water after both rads and the res. Here is a shot of my water temps in my BIOS with a 4.06ghz overclock. The OPT1 is the cool one and the OPT2 is the temp sensor after all the hot spots in the loop. Shortest route wins and that has been tested when I challenged Vapor on XS and he won. I thought the pressure directly to the CPU was best (which explains my build tube routing) and he proved that the order does not matter at all because the flow is constant around the loop and he was right. You can have a read here--> Test Report: Loop Order, does it make a difference? - XtremeSystems Forums

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