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Default hdd messed up? how? it just sit there

can internal hdd be defective? but how? it just sit there. it dont move around. just sit inside computer case. how is it mess up? my hdd seems to mess up all the sudden and i dont get how. it just sit there.

im not even sure if my hdd is really messing up or not.

heres my situation:
i put my comp to sleep. resume and black out hearing patterned noise inside computer case then few hours work. then put comp sleep again..... resume.... and freeze at login screen then few min it work. then while playing games.... freeze.... forever. force shut down. press power to boot.... it boot up but only to black screen saying disk read error and it still like this. cant use this comp anymore.

so i pull out the hdd.... while it still connect to the comp and power on... i can feel the noise and vibration on the hdd. so is this mes sup hdd? or my power supply?

if its really hdd mess up.... how do i recover the stuff on that hdd to new hdd?
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