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My System Specs


Well that one is easy enough. The triple on top, the double on the bottom. Put the pump on a bracket that goes on the fan on the bottom rad. Put the res in between and feed the bottom rad first the into the GPU, NB and then CPU then to the top rad and back to the res which feeds the pumps and does it all again. Nice, clean and simple.

So loop order would be

res-->Pump-->Rad#1 (bottom)-->GPU-->NB/SB-->CPU-->Rad#2(top)-->back to res.

Use this bracket on top of the fan on the bottom rad--> (UN)Designs Pump Z-Bracket (for Laing D4/D5/DDC Pumps) - Red Products Model: UN-ZBRACKET-RD [UN-ZBRACKET-RD] :, ... sleeve it and they will come

Use this bracket for the pump and hook it to the other bracket for the fan-->(UN)Designs 3G Pump Bracket (for Laing D4/D5 pump) - Deep Red Products Model: UN-PUMPBKT-3G-RD [UN-PUMPBKT-3G-RD] :, ... sleeve it and they will come

Of course pick the colours you want.
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