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Originally Posted by bushwickbill View Post
So I have made some calls to my [COLOR=#0D2E4F ! important][COLOR=#0D2E4F ! important]computer [COLOR=#0D2E4F ! important]store[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] about purchasing more ram(Kingston Value 1 Gb DDR 2 667Mhz) and maybe a aftermarket cooler. But is it worth it? With my current setup I have no problem getting my CPU up to 2.7Ghz with very low temps 55-60(While Gaming). I am unable to go any higher because my 1 Gb stick of DDR 2 533Mhz is holding me back. I would like to know how much more performance in games will I see by overclocking my cpu to 3.1-3.2Ghz?? At stock 2.13Ghz ,I get around 8500 points on 3DMark06. At 2.7Ghz and Gpu overclocked I can get 10575 points. So my question is a rewards vs risk to get up to 3.2Ghz. I am asking, if I only use that speed(3.1-3.2Ghz) for very demanding Gaming like Crysis etc, what kind of improvements will I see with the added 500Mhz from my CPU? And how much am I going to be shaving off my CPU's and [COLOR=#0D2E4F ! important][COLOR=#0D2E4F ! important]Rams[/COLOR][/COLOR] lifespan from added volts/Heat and punishment from this type of abuse? I plan on keeping my CPU/GPU till late next year or so. At that time I will be building a new Rig. Will running it at those speeds while gaming really damage my chip? I am sure Kingston Value DDR2 667Mhz Ram should have no problem reaching 800Mhz(Right?!?). 800*4-3.2Ghz. Realisticly how much of a gain will I get:} Thanx again
No offense but learn to properly format and put some punctuation in there.. I can't even understand what you said.
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