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If you want a big tower, quiet and classy, then the Lian-Li 2100A is the way to go, either that or a Silverstone TJ10. If you are looking for something smaller, then be aware that some of the mid tower options like the V1100 are a little cramped for PS space unless you are using a modular power supply, I have a 600W Enermax in a V1100, and it is tight for cabling because it is not modular. I have just done a build for a friend using the PC-B20A, and quite frankly, its more looks than substance, and I would not recommend it for an enthusiast's build. Quite flimsy, surprised me given my previous experience with Lian-Li cases.
Also note that the Lian-Li supplied case fans, although quiet, are totally inadequate in terms of airflow. Be prepared to replace all the supplied fans if you buy Lian-Li, as I ended up doing, putting in the Zalman 120 for decent cooling.

If you are looking for something that will fit into your living room with style but still gives you room for multiple hard drives and a full ATX board, you might want to consider some of the Silverstone HTPC cases.
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