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Originally Posted by Misoprostol View Post
AUTO vCore setting on Asus boards will default to ~1.325 iirc.

CPU-Z will read your vCore at about 1.55 at this setting. It has nothing to do with the volts actually going through the CPU.
I don't use auto but I have tried it on a few mobos and have found that asus/gigabyte bios will raise the vc as you raise the fsb. Behaviour probably depends on bios level and mobo but i haven't 'tested it on all my rigs. At stock fsb, I think it will set VC = VID for the cpu.

Latest cpu-z (> V 1.41) seems to read c2Q vc consistently with speedfan and asus probe or easytune on giga mobos. Older versions were wrong on newest cpu's/mobos.

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