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Default Crashing - Tried Everything - PLEASE HELP

I am ready to EAT A BULLET over this - GEEEZZZZ! I built a machine less than 60 days ago and have had problems since day 1. Started with a simple black screen and auto-restart if I was playing COD WaW for 20-30 minutes or working in CS2 for an hour or two. Then as time progressed over the last month it has gotten worse. Now shutting down within 5 - 15 minutes once in Windows regardless of the program running (even while sitting at desktop). I have all updates to windows and hardware including drivers current. When the machine restarts it usually goes "blackscreen" and only goes into a loop of restarting. I have to cut all power and allow it to sit. Hitting reset or just powering off and back on does not work I usually have to allow it to sit for 10 - 15 minutes before it will boot to Windows. I have replaced the mobo, HDD, memory, tested video cards in another machine as well as formated and reloaded Windows Vista 64 about 5 times...nothing has helped. I have done more than this, but you are probably tired of reading by now. See machine specs below:

MOBO = Nvidia x58 Extreme Classified
CPU = Intel i7 920
Mem = 6G Patriot
Vid Card = 2 x EVGA 260 GTX (they are SLI'ed)
PSU = Corsair 1000w
Heatsync = Cooler Master V8
HDD = Veloceraptor 300G
OS = Windows Ultimate Vista 64

This machine should smoke...instead it CHOKES!!!!!!!!!! HELP PLEASE!!!!!
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