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Originally Posted by Prof. Dr. Silver View Post
Here's an Intel offer:

E8400 @ $ 180
Gigabyte UD3P @ 130 (After 20 MIR)

That is $ 310 buckaroos! Enjoy!
Thanks for the advice, how well does the E8400 overclock? I'm just looking at benchmarks and just for comparisons I'm just wondering how would the Phenom II X2 550 stack up against the E8400? It's about $50 cheaper as well.

Originally Posted by gingerbee View Post
I had heard the non-black edition AMD cpus don't overclock well at all. I think if they had a X3 720 BE in there I'd be happier. Thank you though.

I guess similar to my first reply just wondering if its worth spending on the latest Phenom II.

Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Since I'm all about "bang-for-buck", my own personal choice would be for one of the Phenom II 3 core chips on a board (you'll have to do some research) that could unlock the 4'th core.
i had looked into this but i dno' thtink there is a reliable method to ensure you'll get the 4th core :( Unfortunately, otherwise I would've gone for that for sure

Anyways... i guess really i want the most benefit for my money, I don't know if i made it too clear but i was willing to spend the $450 bucks if it was really a significant benefit over spending like ~300 bucks for an X3 720BE and AM3 Mobo.

So following sswilson's statement i think "bang-for-buck" is really my aim here, not just a price limit. I don't know if it makes things more clear.

Can't remember if i mentioned that the comp is mainly for gaming and homework so i mean yeah... Does that make it any easier?
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