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I have found that leaving vcore on auto is going to most likely result in much higher vc than necessary.

The bios is gonna assume worst case for your cpu and give it more volts than it really needs.

Much better to set it manually, and bump it by the minimum necessary to get to the next oc. It can be time consuming but in the end you get the best oc/vc balance that way.

I fold on all my oc'ed rigs, and have found through measurement of power consumption that getting ~ 3.3 ghz on current stepping quads at <= 1.375V is about optimum for me on the better chips, and to ~ 3.1-3.2 ghz on average chips. I would expect the current DC's like your 6750's to go a bit higher on similar VC or lower depending how good each chip is.

Cooling will affect this some as well but is likely less of an issue if you are not running apps like folding 724 since it drives ~ 100% cpu.

High end GPU heat production can have a big impact since even if they exhaust heat outside your case, the backsides of the cards are usually adjacent to the NB and can get quite toasty. Good airflow and/or supplemental NB cooling will compensate.
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