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My System Specs


There is a difference between a pentium-m (dothian, banias) and a pentium 4-m (northwood)

It seems that this is a northwood cpu that fits 478, not like the petium m dothan and banias that fit 479- -check out these links- Notice in the top one that there are no northwoods in the 479 sockets-- this cpu is 478.

Here's his cpu-z info: (got it from the NCIX forum where I assume it was lamimartin that posted the same kind of question under the name ragz.)
Intel P4 (512KB L2)
Northwood (8)
478mPGA (0.13um) And here is the chipset
Mobile Intel(R) P4 2.46Ghz
Family F (Ext. F), Model 2 )Ext. 2), Stepping 9, Rev 01

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