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It's posts like yours that throw everything off. How do you live in Ontario and not have any clouding of your tubes at all? So you can throw on some Tygon clear and use only distilled and you won't cloud up? Sorry if I don't believe you. I have seen even the Tygon without plasticizer in it still cloud up even though it is not supposed to. Trying to find out why and to eliminate it so we can actually have nice clear tubes for a change for more then a month.

The reason why I said because you live in Ontario is because one of the suspects I am looking at is Fluoride in the water. I know that distilling does not get rid of fluoride and also in Ontario it's in our tap water not to mention that bottled water is mostly just filtered and fluoride gets through that too. Fluoride is a very active chemical that can have a great many reactions. Why it's in our damn water I don't know since it's damn toxic. Thing is it reacts with plastic and rubber (as well as many other things if you look at your shower curtain or door) causing calcium to stick to it as fluoride bonds with calcium which is why they put it in our water thinking it is actually helping us....Idiots. It's like saying to fix your tire just shoot air through the fuel injector. But anyway glycol seems to slow that reaction so I am thinking it is the damn fluoride in water after all. What does not help either is that there is no laws on water here and they list water with 0.0% fluoride in many products even though it may have 0.09%. Pisses me off as I am trying to find a water source that has none whatsoever.

***EDIT*** I wonder.....Maybe a bone in the res would cause the fluoride to stick to it. So many tests to do.
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