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Hey guys, I need some help figuring out whats going wrong here. I am having some real heat issues with my first oc. Right now I'm running a e6750 with an arcitc cooling freezer pro 7, asus p5b-e, 4 gigs ocz platinum 4-4-4-15, and an 8800 gts. I currently have my e6750 oc'ed to 8x400 for a total of 3.2 GHz and 1 to 1 ratio with ram. I figured that would be a good first oc, however at these settings I idle in the upper 40's and when I run Orthos prime 2004 I end up just stopping the test within a minute because the temps get up to upper 60's (I've seen 68, but then killed the test). I notice my Vcore is 1.56, but I never changed it, but is that too high? is that the problem? Well I'm really hoping for some responses cus this has been really bugging me. thanks
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