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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Jon_di2 View Post
I agree, I have issues with the SMP client (which I wasn't even able to do before without VMWare)... which I think I have worked out on my Quad ... for now... Its been going for a good 36 hours without too many problems (hasn't crashed the computer! One or two "out of memory issues... but overall going strong).

I'm getting a lot of 353's and I dont see any issues on my gpu's with them. I dont push the OC on my shaders though... So if your having issues I would suggest pulling back on the shaders a little, or trying a different driver. Because I have 4 GTX 260's and they aren't crashing on the 353s.

ps. If you check my folding profile and see the drop in ppd, this is an unrelated issue with me tryign to get smp/VMWare going, the gpu's have not been crashing!

Yeah, I have all 3 VC's of mine running stock Shaders/Mem/Core . Maybe that is the possible issues, the 353's are 'fragile' like that.


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