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You need something on the VRM's for certain, as the stock solution just isn't robust enough to survive without. It's a well-established problem with the 4870's, but since it works, no OEM is going to bother changing it. I'm not familiar with the stock plate, but the Zalman unit that JD linked to looked pretty decent, as long as there's clearance. Most VRM's these days are rated to 150 degrees, so as long as you've got some sort of metal on them, I can't see you having any issues.

Edit: No clearance for the Zalman unit? Under those circumstances, I'd either 1) get some thermal epoxy to stick the sink on, or 2) use grease, but use some dabs of hot glue to hold the sinks against the VRM's. Option 1 is preferable, but I have done option 2 on motherboard VRM's before, and as long as you do it right, it actually works quite well.
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