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I call it ..... well, whatever... I just got one of those EM100's from Canadian Tire. While folding on one core of the CPU(E6850) and having three other instances running on a 9800GX2 and a 8600GT, the average wattage it pulls from the socket is 355W. This while folding a 905(CPU), an 1888 + 511 on the GX2 and another 511 on the 8600GT. Have a few USB devices and a few fans attached. So far the peak wattage did not reach the 400W and the Amperage did not go over 3.4A(???)

My rig runs on a Corsair 750TX? Do I really need it? Nah.... but it sure fine to know that I have that little extra! Now I'm gonna find a way to see how high I can go!
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