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Default 4870 Accelero Twin Turbo fails!

Tried to bump my last thread but didn't get any attention... so here:

Finally got my Accelero twin turbo to cool and mostly make my 4870 quiet.

Worked perfectly... until i found out that my VRM get way too hot. I installed the heatsinks correctly... just... way too hot. Over 140 degrees. The GPU ain't that bad, though, still a little hot.

I've seen this thread where there seems to be the same problem :

ATI 4870: AC Twin Turbo vs. Scythe "Musashi" - [H]ard|Forum

For those who do not want to read, here's his solution : put back the stock cooling plate (with of course removed stock heatsink/fan) and add the accelero on it. He had excellent results.

What do you guys think, is it my only solution?

Second problem : couldn't modify the fan speed, but it's no big deal.

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