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My System Specs


Your setup is similar to one I did a while back with a dual rad, with the hoses routed through the back. I used 2" long bolts to secure the rad to the case. I had to use 90* elbows to prevent the hoses from kinking at the case entry points.

Now I'm trying to figure out a way to hide the hoses within an enclosure that would also house the rad.

S/S Z-brackets are very sturdy - I don't think you'll need 10. My guesstimate would be no more than 6 (4 maybe?), even with the weight of the water inside the rad. How will you attach them to the case? Pop-rivets? Welding (if the case is S/S too)?

Even sturdier brackets would be to join opposite brackets together, thus supporting the whole rad. Brackets would be like so (warning: ASCII art coming up!)


(forget the dots, they're added to have the bracket stay in shape)

I've got plenty of ideas, but not enough parts and cases...

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