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My System Specs


Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Was it YOU who bought up all the Smartcoils from NCIX?
Heh.... I only got one set..... :)

Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
That will be a very nice project. I did a top plexi once on a Thermaltake case. Not very difficult in itself; the major problem that I had (actually my customer's issue) was the location of the UV lights.

He didn't want them to be seen either from the side of the case, nor the top... too much glare. I had to locate them on both sides of the top and side plexis, with shrouds partially covering them.

That allowed the light to be directed exactly where he wanted, without the glare when looking inside the case with the lights on.

How will you mount the rad and fans on top? I want to do that setup on my next rig, but I want a clean design - no hardware or tubing showing. And I suck at fiberglass molding...

Let's see that worklog!


I've got 4 of the small "5 led" lights ( Logisys 5 LED Laser Light UV 12V 4PINS M/F ) rather than the tube style. They don't put off as much light as the tubes, but they're small enough to place strategically, and I'm hoping that 4 will be enough for full coverage.

I'm not planning too big of a change from my original top mount install (first set of pics in the case thread).........

Biggest change is hanging the rad ports slightly over the back edge and running the hose in through the rear.

Because of the top plexi, I also can't use the aluminum posts I used originally (not sure on how much weight I'd be able to put on it) so I'm going to use bent stainless stock attached to case metal and the bottom fan screw points of the rad.

I'm hoping that having 10 of these mounting brackets will provide enough stability / strength to hold the rad.

This is still a WIP and aside from having the parts, the rest is in my head so we'll have to see if it works out as planned. :)
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