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My System Specs

Default Can my pump do this?

So, I've got a CPX-Pro, in a loop with a MCR320 and GTZ. My load temps are about 65 degrees with the space heater C0 I've got. I recently picked up a D-Tek Fuzion GPU block, which looks to be a low flow-restriction block like the GTZ. I want to put this on my GTX285, and I happen to have a Black Ice Stealth 240 on the bench and room to mount it in the Cosmos S. I think I might need the 2nd rad in the loop to keep my core temps in my comfort range.

My loop would look like this:

Res>Pump>320 rad>CPU>GPU>240 rad>Res although I could also put the 240 rad in front of the GPU.

Do you think that CPX-Pro can push enough water through the loop? I use 1/2" ID tubing, BTW. Or should I be keeping my eyes open for a 355/655?
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