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My System Specs


Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
vertical black bands started to appear at the bottom of the display.
Alrighty, my friend who has Mac certs (ACDT ACPT ACTC ACHDS ACMT, etc) says:

Perineum said (9:07 AM):
"vertical black bands started to appear at the bottom of the display."
on a Macbook "Pro"
what would that be?

Maxicon says (9:20 AM):
That would be the display or the logic board failing.

Maxicon says (9:21 AM):
I think it's actually the graphic chipset on some models of macbook pro.
Likely needs a mobo swap.
Macs have superior hardware.

Perineum says (9:21 AM):
Are you able to do that?

Maxicon says (9:21 AM):
I can't get parts anymore.

Maxicon says (9:22 AM):
Is it under warranty?

Perineum says (9:22 AM):
I'll find out

Maxicon says (9:22 AM):
If it's under warranty, get it repaired.
If it's not, look under the apple repair extension program.
Since it's a known problem it could be covered regardless.

Maxicon says (9:24 AM):
Apple - Support - Battery Exchange + Repair Extension Programs

Maxicon says (9:25 AM):
Look at the distorted video repair extension.
If that sounds like the problem, print that page and tell them to take it to an AASP.
If they won't fix it, call Applecare's toll free number and mail it to them.

Maxicon says (9:26 AM):
Some AASP's are about doing repairs because they often charge even higher for shop rates than Apple lets them.
And a warranty job makes them less money.
ie: A new logic board costs $1000 from Apple, they'll charge $1500.

Maxicon says (9:27 AM):
And use your data as hostage.
Perineum says (9:41 AM):
can I cut and paste your response into the forum?

Maxicon says (9:41 AM):
Go ahead.

Maxicon says (9:45 AM):
Tell them in my opinion Dell's notebook quality in their latitude series is better than Apples.

Maxicon says (9:46 AM):
And out of a deployment of 100 Inspirons we have only had to replace a few power supplies and hard drives.
While out of 10 Macbook Pros we've had to do major repairs on 75% of them.

Perineum says (9:46 AM):

Maxicon says (9:47 AM):
Dell isn't without their ups either, but if I were buying a notebook they'd be one of my top choices.

Maxicon says (9:49 AM):
Toshiba would be my last choice.
I'd buy an Acer over a toshiba.
I hope this isn't irrelevant information for you and it helps somewhat.... cause what happened to you is SHTTY!!!!

He's got a ton of Windows and Linux certs as well...
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